Most people are familiar with security guards and other forms of active security that respond to threats. On the other hand, security cameras, metal detectors, and other forms of passive security attract less attention. These solutions help monitor buildings and venues and alert active security personnel when problems arise.

In this article, we will examine why passive security is becoming a new norm in today’s society and how you can invest in these trends.

Passive Security Becoming Ubiquitous

Several trends are driving the adoption of passive security solutions, including security cameras, metal detectors, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Violent and property crimes have been rising since the COVID-19 pandemic, pointing to a new reality. According to Time, aggregated assaults and robberies rose 4% and 19% between 2019 and 2022. Over the same timeframe, property crimes increased 6%, larceny rose 20%, and vehicle thefts jumped by 15%, reflecting a broad rise in crime.

At the same time, mass shootings continue to rise across the United States. Science News reckons that the number of active shooter incidents has risen from just three in 2000 to more than 60 in 2021. These incidents include situations where one or more individuals engage in killing to attempt to kill in a populated area.

Passive security has become essential to monitor and control these problems. For instance, security cameras can help catch burglars and other thieves, as well as protect property. Meanwhile, metal detectors can help prevent individuals with weapons from entering buildings or event venues where they’re able to commit acts of mass violence.

Invest in Passive Security Innovations

Passive security solutions are experiencing a Renaissance as buildings, schools, and events seek to improve safety and security.

Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTC Pink: DTII) is one such company developing innovative passive security solutions. The company’s zero-radiation Passive Portal identifies weapons with far less expense and overhead than a conventional metal detector. As a result, it can easily be installed at a building entrance and manned by a single person.

In-house testing shows that the Passive Portal has a near 99% threat detection accuracy, surpassing conventional metal detectors and airport-style body scanners. At under 30-pounds, the device is also portable enough to be used at events where it can scan up to 100 people every five minutes or 1,200 people every hour.

In addition to more convenient hardware, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become a second set of eyes to quickly identify threats. For example, Aware Inc. (NASDAQ: AWRE) has the most advanced security-focused AI in the world, capable of being tailored to the unique security and requirements of each customer.

Finally, Fortinet Inc. (NASDAQ: FTNT), a cybersecurity company, recently made an investment in Linksys given its growing focus on home security. Linksys Aware uses a mesh Wi-Fi network to detect and notify homeowners when there’s motion in their home. These kinds of passive Wi-Fi or radio-wave solutions could help detect issues without needing a visual line of sight.

What’s Next for Passive Security?

The passive security market continues to evolve. New technologies will become cheaper, easier to use, and more effective at detecting weapons and other security threats. Over time, these attributes should help to deter thieves, prevent mass shootings, and provide greater reassurance to everyone, from those attending concerts to children in our schools.

For more information about Defense Technologies, visit the company’s website or complete the form below to download their investor presentation.

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