The global microchip market will grow about 10% to reach $600 billion by the end of 2022, according to Deloitte, becoming ever more critical to everything from phones to cars to appliances. Meanwhile, chipmakers and governments are investing trillions of dollars into making the industry more resilient and ready to meet tomorrow’s needs.

GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC: GTCH) is leveraging its extensive background in microchip design to create a valuable intellectual property portfolio that could transform the industry over the coming years.

What’s Driving Microchip Growth?

Microchips are becoming a core component of everything from children’s toys to home appliances. So when COVID-19 disrupted the supply of microchips, several industries had to cut back on production. And consumers found it difficult or impossible to buy everything from the latest smartphones to automobiles that rely on chips.

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The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 came in response to the microchip shortage, spurring companies to announce $50 billion in additional investments in American semiconductor manufacturing, bringing total business investment to nearly $150 billion since 2020. But, of course, that’s just a fraction of the $2.3 trillion invested worldwide.

In addition to supply chain resilience, these investments will be necessary to power next-generation use cases, ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to virtual reality to Big Data storage. That’s especially true because developing chips beyond the 3nm range is a complex and expensive endeavor – at least until new innovations emerge.

Building Better Microchips

GBT Technologies restructured its business during the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic to focus on a handful of critical areas, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, 3D microchips, radio networks, internet-of-things, health tech, and electronic design software, among other things. And, of these efforts, microchips play a central role.

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The company’s primary focus is on the development of 3D Multiplanar Microchips. While traditional microchips involve etching patterns onto a silicon wafer, packing more transistors onto a single microchip is becoming increasingly complex and costly. Fortunately, the company’s 3D Multi-Planar microchips could offer an innovative solution.

The company’s designs involve creating more surfaces on each microchip, resulting in an exponentially higher surface area for etching patterns onto a piece of silicon. And unlike traditional 3D chip designs, the multi-planar surface opens the door to a lot more surface area and virtually limitless chip design possibilities.

In addition to the 3D Multiplanar designs, the company’s Magic2 software helps design chips in a fraction of the time. The EDA software addresses many physics-related problems that chip designers face when moving into smaller and smaller formats. And by making faster corrections, the software can cut development time by up to half.

Potential Beyond Microchips

GBT Technologies is also pursuing technologies beyond microchips. In particular, the company’s historical focus on radio technologies has resulted in a breakthrough in computer vision. The company’s Apollo program involves computer vision technology that detects subtle patterns, such as a person’s heartbeat, using artificial intelligence.

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The Apollo system has many potential applications. For instance, the technology could help monitor hospital patients or elderly people for falls or health problems. Meanwhile, the same technology could help detect weapons at airports or intruders in factories, marking a potential breakthrough in security applications.

Looking Ahead

GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC: GTCH) is developing three core technologies that could reshape everything from microchips to airport security. By generating patent families across these applications, the company hopes to license or sell its IP by the end of next year, and unlock value for its shareholders.

For more information, visit the company’s website or download the investor presentation by filling out the form below:

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