Coca leaves have been used as a medicine for centuries. In fact, Dr. John Pemberton developed and sold Coca-Cola in the late 1800s as a patent medicine containing a combination of coca leaves and kola nuts. And to this day, Coca-Cola is one of the only companies with special permission to import (decocainized) coca leaves for its iconic beverage.

But, the power of coca leaves extends well beyond Coca-Cola’s secret recipe: They have the potential to reshape the $260 billion functional food and beverage market and revolutionize the $200 billion fertilizer industry. And, there’s only one company with a private commercial contract to extract, manufacture, and distribute de-cocainized coca-based products in the United States.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why coca leaves are such a compelling market and what makes PowerLeaves such a unique opportunity.

Why Coca Leaves?

Coca leaves have been used for centuries as a natural herbal remedy for upset stomach, weight loss, and energy. In fact, indigenous cultures across the Andes still consume raw coca leaves on a regular basis to achieve these health benefits. However, evidence that coca leaves status as a superfood goes beyond anecdotal evidence.

Coca leaves have 72% more protein than average plant-based foods, with 19 grams of protein per 100 grams of extract. At the same time, they have three grams of polyphenols per 100 grams of extract, which is three times more than most consumers take daily. And finally, they have a low glycemic index, making them ideal for blood sugar control.

In addition to the $260 billion functional food and beverage market, there’s evidence that coca leaves could revolutionize the $200 billion fertilizer industry. Researchers have shown that mineralized organic liquid fertilizer with 4% coca leaf extract produced a 34% and 28% higher yield than commercial biofertilizer when growing pea crops.

Fertilizers are particularly important in today’s macroeconomic environment after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cut off major supplies of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The price of fertilizer directly influences the price of food as farmers pass along higher commodity costs. Fortunately, coca leaves could provide an organic alternative with attractive yield potential.

PowerLeaves is licensed with the FDA to import decocainized coca leaves. Source: Investor Presentation

The importation of raw coca leaves into the U.S. has been illegal due to their cocaine content. But fortunately, PowerLeaves is developing state-of-the-art extraction technologies to decocainize coca leaves and has already received FDA approval through an exemption in the UN Single Convention on Narcotics Drug Lists.

Near-term Commercialization

PowerLeaves has already cleared several hurdles to commercialization, meaning investors have a unique opportunity to participate in the story relatively early on. After raising over $6 million in equity financing in Q1 2022, the company is well on its way toward securing the $15 million it’s seeking to build out its business and eventually list on the NASDAQ.

The company has already secured an exclusive, renewable, 15-year agreement to legally decocainize, extract, and process coca leaves in Colombia. And with an extraction and testing facility already in place, the company is ready to deliver on the 10+ letters of intent that it has already signed to produce bulk extracts for various markets.

Colombia’s new president-elect, Gustavo Petro, also appears to support the company’s mission. Petro campaigned on developing the country’s agricultural industry with a focus on regulating the use of coca leaves and supporting indigenous agrarian projects. And these goals align well with the company’s business model.

Looking Ahead

PowerLeaves is the first and only private commercial business to sign a government-approved 15-year exclusive contract to extract, manufacture, and distribute de-cocainized coca-based products in the United States.

Investors that want to participate ahead of the company’s planned NASDAQ listing over the next 12 months can participate in a private placement by emailing

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