Large events and gatherings present numerous challenges to organizers, from overcapacity at venues to dealing with medical emergencies. In the past, they’ve relied on security guards and low-fidelity technologies to count people, identify safety issues, and address security risks. But fortunately, GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC: GTCH) offers a better way.

Let’s take a look at the company’s groundbreaking Apollo technology and how it could be a game-changer for large events and gatherings.

What is Apollo?

GBT Technologies’ Apollo is a radio frequency-based motion detection system that uses artificial intelligence to control radio wave transmissions and analyze the reflected information. Then, the technology reconstructs the environment and identifies everything from the number of people at an event to weapons hidden within a backpack or bag.

For example, many autonomous vehicles use LIDAR systems that project lasers in all directions and analyze the responses to nearby objects using AI. Using that information, they can determine the direction and speed of nearby vehicles or even “see” pedestrians, stop signs, and other things necessary to drive safely on streets.

Unlike LIDAR, radio waves penetrate handbags, backpacks, and even the human body. As a result, the technology could help detect hidden items – such as a weapon or beer can – and identify local security guards to take action. Its penetrating properties also enable it to identify fallen people in a crowd, even if an object partially blocks them.

Managing Crowds

Many large events must grapple with hundreds or thousands of individuals. In addition to counting them, to ensure a venue isn’t over capacity (a fire risk), event organizers must quickly respond to any medical emergencies that might take place within the crowd. And that can be a challenge with limited personnel on the ground.

See how Apollo can help manage crowds

Security cameras are the most common way to respond to these challenges, but they require someone behind-the-scenes to watch for problems. And even if there is an AI monitoring video, it can be challenging to spot a fallen person or other issues due to visual obstructions.

Apollo can help solve these problems by automatically detecting any issues it’s trained to find using radio waves and artificial intelligence. And unlike camera-based systems, the technology doesn’t necessarily require a clear line of sight, making it ideal in crowded rooms. It can also operate in fast-moving environments, such as boats.

Improving Security

Security represents another major challenge for large events and gatherings. For example, large events often require security guards to conduct manual bag checks that take time and disrupt the flow of people. And unfortunately, these problems extend into schools in the United States, where mass shootings have become all-too-common. 

See how Apollo addresses security concerns.

Metal detectors and manual bag checks are the most common security solutions. While they can detect metal knives or guns, they aren’t necessarily effective at detecting plastic, ceramic, or other weapons. In an age where some weapons can be 3D printed from plastic, ensuring security is becoming increasingly challenging.

Apollo’s ability to “see” through bags can help speed up bag checks and enable people to walk into an event without issue. At the same time, the technology goes beyond detecting metal to detect nearly any type of weapon or contraband it’s trained to find. As a result, security can become both more robust and efficient.

Looking Ahead

The Apollo technology represents some of GBT Technologies’ most advanced intellectual property. Currently, the company is seeking licensing partners to help take the patented concepts and blueprints and bring them to market. Beyond event security, these markets could include everything from health care to home security.

If you’re interested in licensing the Apollo technology, contact GBT Technologies at 888-685-7336 or to discuss partnership opportunities. Meanwhile, investors interested in the company’s innovative IP portfolio can invest in the stock or sign up using the form below to learn more.

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